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Introducing the RCOMM PT-2025 Mission Critical Paging Terminal

More than a paging terminal, the PT-2025 is a wireless MISSION CRITICAL MESSAGING UNIT that includes the following current technology features not found in older paging systems.

Experience the next level of messaging with the RCOMM PT-2025, a cutting-edge solution designed, built, and supported in the USA. With years of proven experience, this mission critical paging terminal is set to revolutionize communication systems across various sectors.

  • Hospitals: Hospitals and medical centers can now elevate their communication efficiency. The RCOMM PT-2025 replaces antiquated paging terminals, offering increased capacity, reliability, and flexibility for seamless operations
  • Military-Grade Performance: Military bases can rely on the robustness of the PT-2025 for mission-critical messaging. Built to meet the stringent demands of military communication, this terminal ensures secure and efficient data transmission.
  • Enhanced Public Safety: Public safety and emergency medical services (EMS) can trust in the PT-2025 for instant and reliable communications. The system is equipped to handle the demands of emergency situations, providing a lifeline when every second counts.
  • Optimized for Campus Communication: College campuses can now benefit from a communications solution that adapts to their dynamic needs. The PT-2025 offers increased capacity and customization options, ensuring efficient communication across large educational institutions.
  • Government Agencies Empowered: Government agencies find a reliable partner in the PT-2025. Whether at the local, state, or federal level, this terminal is designed to meet the unique communication needs of government entities.
  • Scalable: Small and large entities alike can enhance their communications infrastructure with the RCOMM PT-2025. Enjoy standard features that set the bar high, with the added bonus of customization to meet specific requirements.


Designed, Built and Supported in the USA

The RCOMM Critical Messaging unit is designed to replace antiquated paging terminals and provides increased capacity, reliability, and flexibility from small to large systems.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Increased Capacity
  • Flexibility for Small to Large Systems
  • Customization Options for Specific Needs
  • No LAN/WAN Network Required

Secure Communication: Rest easy knowing that the PT-2025 prioritizes the security of your communications. Safeguard sensitive information and maintain the integrity of your messaging network.

Upgrade your communication system today with the RCOMM PT-2025 Mission Critical Paging Terminal. Designed, built, and supported in the USA, this proven platform ensures a reliable and efficient messaging experience for a wide range of applications.

Contact us now to explore how the PT-2025 can transform your communication infrastructure!

0 to 24 Trunks
Analog or Digital
[T1] telephony trunks and SIP trunks)

2,000,000 subscribers standard
(limited only by paging format) in SQL Database

Multiple RCOMM terminals can be interlinked via IP.

Features Overview

Multiple administrator or system user programming inputs via LAN. Multiple simultaneous paging message inputs (via Phone lines, Modems, IP based   SNPP, SMTP & WEB Page) Trunk input capacity limited to phone line connections.

Multiple administrator or system user programming inputs via LAN.

Multiple password protection.

Digital Paging Formats supported include: POCSAG 512, 1200

Paging formats:
Tone only (paddle/coaster for waiting areas)
Digital Format
2-Tone Voice

Multiple transmitter control and interfaces for single and simulcast systems.

Multiple DATABASE backup via USB, LAN or WAN to remote locations.

System Management Reports

SQL Database with search and report writing capability.
Standard reports include:

  • Users by unit/phone number, name, or group.
  • Capcode report, in use or available, duplicates.
  • System usage by input and call counts, etc.
  • Message log with time & date stamp and data.

Installation & Support

  • WARRANTY is one year with additional warranty or service contracts available.
  • USA designed and assembled using quality components.
  • Onsite installation and setup is available.
  • Existing Paging system Database conversion available on a case by case basis.
  • Programming & setup assistance with remote Internet connection & phone.
  • Remote technical support via Internet connection & phone.
  • Custom programming of web page to use company name and logo.
  • Racks and cabinets available.

Why RCOMM is your Mission Critical Messaging Solution

Paging has been in use for decades and remains the best solution for reliably getting critical messages to multiple recipients in twenty (20) seconds or less. Cellular and VoIP phones, email, SMS text messages simply cannot reliably notify many people to situations that require their attention immediately.  RCOMM has enhanced this process with the ability to send a copy* of digital paged messages to multiple devices (Pager, Email, or Cellphone SMS/Text) of any one person or more than one person so that they are sure to get the message fast and reliably. *Not available on Voice Paging.  Old proprietary paging terminals are subject to failure due to component age and ancient design. The RCOMM terminal is designed to “critical high reliability component” specifications.  Adding a redundant terminal is easy with the RCOMM PT-2025 and provides automatic failover upon detection within seconds along with automatic database backup regularly while in operation.   Latest IP connectivity enables anyone with a phone, computer, tablet, or smart phone to input a digital or text message to be delivered to one individual or a group of individuals fast and reliably.  That is why medical and emergency response agencies utilize paging for primary contact on urgent matters. You cannot rely on cellular phones for everything.  Complete paging system solutions include: transmitters (stand alone or simulcast) antenna systems, licensing, and terminals. Solutions are available to replace or retrofit your existing system.

When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.

– Stephen R. Covey

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