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System Design / Construction
System Optimization
System Integration
Intermodulation Studies
End User Equipment Training
Interference Mitigation
Radio Paging Systems
FCC Licensing
Paging Systems Engineering
User Needs
System Performance Troubleshooting
Technology Assessment
Interference Detection and Mitigation
Request for Information
Preparation of Acceptance Test Plans
Request for Proposal
Execution of Acceptance Test Plans
Vendor Relationship
FCC Licensing and Carey Curves
Budget Cycle Management
Radio Frequency Coverage Verification
Radio Frequency Engineering
Radio System Optimization
Drive Testing
Quality Audits
RF Model Tuning
Project Management
Link Budget
Antenna Systems
Nurse Call Systems Integration
Coverage Maps
Simulcast Radio Design
Site Selection Process
Program Management
FCC and ETA Certification
Due Diligence System performance and Auditing


Principles of AC/DC Power Systems
Premise Comm Installation Principles
General Comm Tech I & II
Line and Antenna Sweep
Passive Intermodulation
Distributed Antenna Systems
RF Interference Mitigation
Operating Principles of LMR
All Classes of Amateur Radio
Service Monitor Techniques
Advanced Troubleshooting        

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